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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The °»Daikin Hydraulics Customer Support Service°… (hereafter, this Service) provides, free of charge, technical information about Daikin hydraulic products to the companies that use Daikin hydraulic products, and to the companies that design devices that adopt Daikin hydraulic products (hereinafter, Company, or You), to promote the effective use of Daikin hydraulic products. If You wish to use the Service, please register after making consent to the following points.

  • The copyright on all information in this Service is held by DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Daikin, or We).
  • All information in this Service is restricted to use within the Company. It is strictly forbidden to provide this information or any reproduction of it to third parties.
  • The user ID and password that You obtained on this service is for Your company only. It is strictly prohibited to provide them to third parties. Please contact Us immediately when you found any possibility that they have been leaked to a third party.
  • Daikin is not responsible for any loss incurred by using this Service.
  • The products and information posted on this site are intended for use in Japan only.
  • If those are taken out of Japan, You must take responsibility to ensure compliance with Japanese law, including the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.
  • Please confirm the information update date stated in each provided Service because the specifications, price, etc., of the products may change without notice for the sake of improvement.
  • The information posted on this site, including these terms, may be added to, changed or deleted without prior notice.
  • We may refuse Your registration at our sole discretion; if, for example, the purpose of Your registration is not aligned with the purpose of this Service. In that case, You will not be able to use the Service.
  • We may cancel Your registration at Our sole discretion such as the case where You have not used the Service for more than one year since the date of Your last use, or You breach these terms.
  • Personal information entrusted to Daikin by the Company will be strictly managed and used in accordance with the Daikin Industries Group°«s privacy policy ( https://www.daikin.com/privacy/index.html ), and You hereby agree that Daikin processes Your personal information in accordance with such privacy policy.
  • The personal information (including information obtained during consultation) that You entrust to Daikin will also be used jointly within the Daikin Group for the purposes of improving the service to You.
  • Please fill in the information correctly when You register.
  • Applicable services
    - Downloading of CAD drawings
    - Downloading of operation manuals and software tools
  • Please note in advance that We limit the number of downloads in order to avoid the reproduction of information in this site.
  • Note that these precautions are subject to change without notice. We ask for Your understanding in advance.
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