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Energy-saving technology of Daikin
An innovative factory energy-savings proposal

For those who have already considered and implemented energy-saving ideas such as lighting economization, air-conditioning efficiencies, air-compressor system control, air leakage minimization and the implementation of high efficiency motors, etc. Yet still not satisfied with the implemented solutions? Daikin proposes to those who seek additional energy-saving ideas, "Is there not something of epoch-making proportion in energy-saving measures for the factory?"

Energy-saving technology of Daikin oil hydraulic equipment

Energy-saving technology of Daikin oil hydraulic equipment

DAIKIN’s innovative IPM motors are the key technology to energy-saving in air conditioners with over one million installations. This same unique technology has been adapted to oil hydraulic equipment.

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Features Fusion of oil Hydraulics and motor/inverter technology

The dramatic energy-savings is realized by reducing the motor rotating speed under a retained pressure condition. Energy-saving of more than 50% could be achieved (In comparison of a conventional hydraulic system to our product while when pressure is retained).

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Features Autonomous select type fixed tandem pump

Tandem pump of fixed displacement(high and low) is autonomously controlled according to load pressure.

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