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Hybrid hydraulic unit


Piston pumps

  • V series piston pump
  • VZ series piston pump

Motor pumps

  • M series motor pump

Rotor pump

  • RP series rotor pump

Vane pumps

  • Vane pump (Ds,DV'')

Gear pumps

  • Gear motor pump (MFP)

Pressure control valves

  • Direct operated type relief valve (JR,SR,HDRIR)
  • Pilot operated relief valve (HDRl,JRB,JRBS)
  • Relief valve with solenoid operated valve (JRS,JRSS)
  • Pressure control valve (JQ(C))
  • Low pressure reducing valve (SGB)
  • Pressure reducing valve (JGB(C))
  • Relief pressure reducing valve (SGR)

Flow rate control valves

  • Flow rate adjusting valve (SF, JF(C))
  • Throttle valve (TSC,HDFT(C))

Directional controlval valves T

  • Low watt type solenoid operated valve (LS)
  • Solenoid operated valve (KSO)
  • Solenoid pilot valve (KSH,JS,MEP)
  • Seat type solenoid operated valve (JSC)
  • Manually operated valve (JM)

Directional controlval valves U

  • lnline check valve (HDIN)
  • Light angle check valve (JCA)
  • Pilot check valve (JCP(D))
  • Pre-fill valve (HPF)

Modular stack valves

  • 02 Series modular stack valve
  • 03 Series modular stack valve
  • 04 Series modular stack valve
  • 06 Series modular stack valve

Proportional valves/
Servo valves

  • Proportional valve (JRP, LEM', KSP, MGS)
  • Servo valve (KSPS, JSES)
  • Controller(KC, ZH, KF', ZDN, EP', EPK')

Cartridge valve

  • Two-port, Four-port multipurpose valve

Cooling equipment and system

  • LT Cooler
  • Oil cooling unit (AKZJ/AKZC 8 series,AKZ 9 series)

Positioning motor

  • TM series

Oil hydraulic units

  • NDR series rotor pack
  • NDJ series new DAIPACK
  • ND series Mini-pack/New DAIPACK
  • SSS mark U oil hydraulic unit

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